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"The Heart of Revenge" by Richie Drenz ~ Book Blast

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The Heart of Revenge by Richie Drenz

This book is for mature audiences only

If you’re through with Fifty Shades of Grey and yearning for a next great read then we have great news guys. We are not only recommending but also giving you a free excerpt sample of Richie Drenz’s, #1 National bestseller, “The Heart of Revenge”, which was recently nominated by the B.I.A. for Readers Choice award.

The adult contemporary was written in a Caribbean settings. In short, the story’s Based off a true story, young Leelia Lexings, given up by her mother at 14, and now at 19, is a brilliant college student and getting married to the wealthy Qwan Douglas. For his money.
But all in order to save her brother who is about to die from his heart problem, cardiomyopia. The determined college girl must decide what she will sacrifice in order to save her brother. And if these outrageous and scandalous offers from her wealthy and revengeful husband and also her father-in-law is just taking it way too far. What offers were she made? Find out.

How far is worthwhile to go? Or better yet, how far would you go if you were offered these to save your loved one?

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Chapter 1 - This is Erotica. Like seriously, it all began out of REVENGE. And the problem was all because the door wasn’t shut. As in, it was pushed closed but the lock wasn’t secured. It wasn’t safe. I could’ve and should’ve latched it but I didn’t, and it wasn’t that I was too caught up here either, just wasn’t sure I was really going to go through with this or not. It’s summer, June 11, and lord did I need this three months break from UWI. I was so charged up about it until I threw myself into this situation I’m in right now. I planned it, but sitting here face to face with it right now, I‘m not sure how I should feel inside or what I was feeling. My age? Nineteen. Just turned nineteen in April, and believe it or not, today is probably the biggest day I’ll ever have in my life already. And for sure the most important day in my brother, Vance’s, life. I nervously looked towards the lock on the plain white door. Don’t judge me, - BUT - today, this was happening in the bathroom. “Hey, take our picture. Just like we are now.” I instructed him, while sitting in his lap. My arms hugged around his neck, both of us were dressed in formal clothes and sitting in the bathroom. My breasts were outside the cups of my strapless satin dress, and my nipples still wet from just slipping out his mouth. “Of the two of us?” he asked tilting his head, shocked and puzzled, looking straight into my eyes. His pants zipper half-way open. It made no sense to him, but to me I knew exactly why I wanted him to do it. I barely mouthed, “Yeah sweets.” Raised my bosom up, and brushed my nipples against his face, my nipple rubbed above his opened mouth, grazing it. “You needn’t make your face show in the pics.” I freed one of my arms from around his neck and quickly glanced back at the lock, turned back around and lightly petted the side of his cheek. “I don’t want you to get in any trouble, but make sure my face is showing ... Pretty please...,” I lowered my face close to his as I said ‘pretty please’ and continued to speak with my lips almost touching his cheek and close to his ear, “And show exactly what we’re doing. OK?” He girthed around my slim waist with both hands and eased me off him a bit. “Like this!” He panicked. He knew if a word of this ever got out. if shit ever hit the fan, it would be a very nasty tailspin. His eyes were searching all over my face, trying to see if I was sure. He asked, “Half-naked? You serious?” I was. As serious as a heart surgery on Obama. “Yeah. Email me them.” I pampered my hand seductively down the chest of his white long sleeve shirt, rubbing with pressure, so I could feel the sexual raise of his huge erected nipple through his shirt. “Ping me when you send them off boo.” My palm was pressing over the roundness of his nipple, I slithered my hand down his muscular chest and back up to his nipple, pinched it between my thumb and index finger, pinching and pulling it hard. Rolled it between my fingers and he licked his lips, licked them again, slowly, his teeth biting on the underside of his lower-lip. I clawed his nipple playfully with my manicured nails. His penis twitched upward. His face changed; a hint of anger painted his eyes. He grabbed my hand, held it steady. “Mad woman, what if Qwan sees them?” He was looking in my eyes as if I were a person on some cheap, wholesale crack. I became aware of where I was; anyone could walk in on us at any minute. Lord knows I wouldn’t want that. With no smile on my face, I answered him in a hushed tone, “Don't you worry about it, umm ... Nate. Your name is Nate right?” he bobbed his head agreeing and said, “Nathan.” “OK. Don't worry Nathan, Qwan won’t find them ...” I saw a rush of relief filled him, the fright slowly disappearing from his eyes and somehow it seemed like his pupils changed, maybe it was the size of his pupils changing with his mood, growing bigger and fuller as he regained a calm in our bizarre situation. His face relaxed, about to smile. I finished my sentence, hardening my jaw as I gritted the words, “I’m going to show them to him.” His eyes slammed wide open, the formation of his smile reversed, his mouth hung, fright flying back into his eyes. He flashed my hand down with a sharp thrust, it slapped into my lap. He held it there. I wrung my hand out his grip, asked, “What’s wrong? Eehm? You intimidated by Qwan?” “N-no...No .. but .. bu-ut .. you righted?” “If mi righted?” I looked away to the bathroom mirror in front of us. “Mi want it burn him.” The bitter hurt I felt from it all last night began to swell, bubble and explode in my chest. “It’s my damn revenge.” Nathan and I snapped several very provocative photos. Despite him being fully clothed, wearing his tall sleeve white shirt, black pants and a superman blue tie, his erect penis was standing outside his zipper in some of the pictures, in some it was sticking in me, and in some I placed it in my mouth, posing for the camera. We didn’t have sex, we only posed. I still wasn’t satisfied with just the pictures. It wasn’t a big enough get back. So torn by thoughts of last night, so hurt, I had sex with Nathan right there. Nathan’s body jolted with a four hundred volt of electricity when he orgasmed, spewing his cum out of control and creaming everywhere he didn't want to. Some even caught on the tail of my white gown. We went a second round. I didn’t want to keep my panties on anymore; it was making me too hot and bothered. But if someone walked in, it would be a dead giveaway once I had my panties off. The tight elastic around the rim of the legs were squeezing me and I didn’t like the feel. He slid the crotches of my white panty to the side to get himself into my pink hole. I lifted my white gown, pushed both my thumbs down both sides of the thin elastic waist of my underwear, swiftly dragged it from underneath my long dress and it came off in a rolly twist from around my ankles as I stepped out of it, exposing my naked ass, clean skin, long legs. I tossed my panty over the shower rod. It had a blue shower curtain with pictures of yellow rubber ducky all over. Hopefully I could get back in my undies fast enough if anyone should bust in on us. My skin was a smooth color of creamy Milo as I bent over and cocked up my ass to take his Godzilla size into me, doggystyled position, my love-hole jumped, wanting his warm length between me, now. My walls seeping wet with my goo. I peeped between my legs from my arched-back. Waiting on his stiffness to be forced through my fleshy hole. He hoggishly hoisted the tail of my dress over my petite round buttocks, the tail bunched scraggly on my back. Roughing up my gown as if he forgot that today is a very special day for me, my biggest day. A feint worry about my brother’s situation slid across my mind. It’s a big decision. A difficult one. I’ll just do what Mommy encouraged me to do, we already came this far with the plan, I can’t turn back now. Can I? After so many years? I slapped my hand on to the rail of the white bath tub, fingers latched. I bent and peered at him from between my legs, my breasts bouncing from bending over. His cannon camera hung down by its black strap from his shoulder, swung awkwardly back and forth like his balls were swinging back and forth. The tiny split in the center of his fleshy pink penis-head was damp; he aimed it right at the opening of my vagina, my entire body anticipated his cock being worked into me so sweetly, so divine, parting my flesh, stroking in me. Deep. Sensually. Fucking me. He braced his hips forward, my shoulder blades squeezed itself together, I felt the tip of his swollen head pressed against my hole. It felt warm, smooth. Chills danced on the back of my neck. His entire penis jerked, it sprang up and down slightly after the jump, like an aftershock. I felt it and my hole throbbed, my spine tightened. The smooth warm head touched the tip of my private-lips, just barely touching them. My arm reached between my legs and grabbed hold of his stiffness. My small hand could not wrap completely around it, it was too thick, too fat. It felt like a ten pound giant sausage in my hand, as thick as a plaintain but black. It had a fat broad head. My body jittered. Gosh! I want to feel all of it inside me. My urges were taking over. I tried to take a grip of myself. I shouldn’t enjoy this so much, but .. but my body, it’s too aroused, ready, wanting, roaring. I ran my fingers down his full length, the pad of my fingertips stroked over the smooth yet sharp zig-zags that his lightning veins forked from the root and sides all the way to the tip. The straight and long main vein running smoothly up the side, like a thick rope, it made the biggest bulge of all the veins. The softness of the thin skin that wrapped his penis will let me feel the swell of the veins for sure as it rub up and down in me, but with a smooth feel, a textured feel when my juices lather it. I couldn’t wait to have this juicy cock in me, feel it in me, feel it. A feeling ran through my body. Hot, excited, wanting. So wanting. My belly jerked quietly, like an hiccup of horniness, it nudged my heart rate, my heart speeding and I could feel each beat pounding against my breasts. I couldn’t control my body’s reaction. I wiped my thumb midway his cock, side to side. God! I wanted this. My pussy clasped itself shut and then released. I shouldn’t have another contraction till couple more seconds. But I was so horny my clit jumped again in seconds, one right after the other, pulling my clit inward. I bit my lip. Squeezed the middle of his flesh. Clit jumped again. What’s happening? And again. Jumped again. I squeezed my fingers around it, at the root, close to his balls, stroking it up and down, jerking him, jerking it, jerking his big fat cock. I felt it growing even stiffer in my hand, swelling thicker, solid, heavy. It rose higher, lifting my hand, horniness ravishing through its veins. He desperately wanted to push his cock into the sweetest place on earth. Inside me. He looked down at my arched back, pushed his hip forward, wanting to fuck me, fuck me till my titties fall off. I wanted to feel him inside. I didn’t see his face, I heard his desperate moans, “Leee...Leee...” dragging his words and begging, “Let me push it inside, pleeeaase.” My slender fingers held his cock firm, squeezed it, aimed it to the center of my slit, cringed my face to feel his entry, released his kong and left it standing stiff in the air behind me for him to delve into my wetness. He penetrated me slow. The swollen head pierced its way through. I uttered a silent, ‘Ouch!’

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